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The Three Kinds of Windows You Need to Know

Posted 09 December 2015

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The Three Kinds of Windows You Need to Know

When you are considering Pella windows in Naperville, you are choosing from high quality options. A good contractor or consultant can go a long way to helping you find the best fit for your home, but it’s always good to have a little background. Pella windows come in three varieties: vinyl, wood and fiberglass. This quick guide will inform you on the basics of each material and why you might choose it over the others.


Vinyl windows are the most common selection. They offer the highest variety in designs without sacrificing heating and cooling efficiency. They seal exceptionally well and have extraordinary longevity. Unless you have abnormally specific visual or material needs, vinyl is the all-around choice that will likely suit your home perfectly.


The most traditional window choice, wood is the best way to match older or historic homes. It can be sealed properly to gain efficiency and durability on par with vinyl, but wood tends to be the most susceptible to extreme weather. The primary reason to go with this option is when it stands out aesthetically, which does happen. In most cases the synthetic options outperform wood, making the decision for you.


Fiberglass is the toughest, but it is often also the most expensive. If you live in a reason with notorious weather, fiberglass should probably be at the top of your list. It is typically treated to look just like a wood finish, so it can match with any traditional home. Some modern designs might mesh better with vinyl styles, but in general fiberglass is your best option to create a high quality seal that won’t require upkeep.

With this extra knowledge you are taking your first step to finding the perfect Pella windows in Naperville. Use this information to have an informed conversation with your contractor or supplier and find the perfect windows to complete your beautiful home.

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