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Installation By Skilled, Experienced, Employed Master Craftsmen… NO Subcontractors, Ever.

Sloppy Work? Laziness? Corner Cutting to Cover Problems? At Dilworth Windows & Doors, Those Things Just Don’t Happen.

Superb Installation

Even the best window or door is only as good as how well it is installed. Finding a company that demonstrates meticulous quality and care in installation may seem impossible nowadays, but ‘Old-World’ craftsmanship in the Window & Door industry is not dead. It’s just hard to find.

The reason is simple: The vast majority of Window and Door companies today outsource their installation to subcontractors. Those companies will tell you, “We have our own installers” (they’ll even show up to your home in company t-shirts). What they really do is hire a subcontractor, who then hires his own crew, and you now have people working in your home that are unknown to you…and often to the company you bought from!

Subcontractors are cheap to hire and are paid by the window or door, not by the hour. The more projects they can complete in one day, the more money they make. That process leads to corner cutting and covered up problems, because they are in such a hurry and there’s only so much money in that one window! If they do find a problem, the company they’re subcontracting to will only give them a few dollars to correct it. We’ve seen it time and time again. How many times do you want to do your window or door project?

At Dilworth, we’re different. We have a full-time team of skilled, veteran, employed installers who actually care about the quality of your project. When you award us your project, you know it will be a highly trained and experienced Dilworth crew showing up to your home. In an industry where installers typically don’t last more than a few years with the same company, multiple installers have been with us for over 10 years. Our most experienced team members (the ones who will be supervising your project) have 16 and 13 years with us, respectively. Our installers are paid by the hour, not by the job, so they’re concerned with solving problems that arise, not covering them up.

Before every installation, we review notes and photographs with the Sales Professional who worked with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you wanted as well as to become familiar with your entire project before they arrive. During the installation, among many other things, we use drip edges (almost nobody does this anymore!) and grade your capped sills to shed water away from your home. We then seal everything with 50 year warrantied silicone caulk. We use meticulous, highly skilled techniques and quality materials to ensure that NO water or air gets into your home!

Our guys won’t be smoking, using bad language or blaring loud music at your home either—it’s just not who we are—and customers rave about how clean we leave their home.

We’re so confident in our installation process that we provide a TRUE Lifetime Installation Warranty on windows and doors. Most companies don’t offer more than a 2-5 year labor warranty! At Dilworth, we have stood behind our work for more than 30 years.

We could save money and hire subcontractors. We could cut corners to get your job done more quickly, for less money. But we care too much about our customers and have too much respect for your hard-earned money to even consider it. One bad customer experience could ruin 30 years of a flawless reputation, why would we take the risk?

If we sound like the kind of company you would like to work with near Naperville, Elmhurst, Western Springs and the surrounding areas, contact us today for a free, no-pressure consultation. We would enjoy discussing your project with you.