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There’s No Better Way To Learn About A Company Than By Talking Directly To Its Customers.

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One of the first things we do when we meet with you is to go over a referral list consisting of 500 names with address and contact information, along with the product they purchased and the year it was installed…some dating back to the 1990s!

The back page of our reference list includes our Certificate of Insurance showing our Employees’ Workers Comp Insurance and General Employers Liability. (By the way, anyone who claims to have their own employees has to be able to prove it with their certificate of Worker’s Compensation Insurance.)

Our referral list consists of people who don’t mind being called because they realize that they are helping you make a good decision that you won’t regret—they have happily agreed to be a reference. After all, they were once looking for a window or door project like you are now, and they know how hard it is to find a company they can trust. We purposely put people’s names on the list that we have completed as far back as 20 years ago. Because they put their trust in us, we have a commitment to continue that relationship as long as it takes.

Here are some questions you can ask our references:

To get a copy of our customer reference list, contact us today.

More About Our Reputation…

In addition to our great reviews and references, we have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and an “A” with Angie’s List. We’re also just one of only three companies (out of 32!) with a 100% “Superior” rating in Consumers’ CHECKBOOK, and boast the second-highest rating in the “Doing Work Properly” and “Starting & Completing Work Promptly” categories in all of Chicagoland.

If that sounds like the kind of window and door company you’re looking for, contact us today. We would enjoy discussing your project with you.