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Choosing Your New Front Door

Posted 15 July 2016

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Your front door is important in so many different ways; it’s visuallysignificant as a major feature of curb appeal, and it’s the first up-close look your guests often get at your home. If you are considering looking at doors in Naperville soon, here are a few helpful factors to take into consideration.

Aesthetic Harmony

If your home is older, chances are favorable that repairs have been made as needed, and this can make for mismatched styles on your home’s exterior. Start thinking about what style of door would match the look you’re going for. Do you like a modern style? Consider clean lines and bold colors. Do you incline more toward a rustic vibe in your home style choices? A stained-wood front door with a natural finish makes a beautiful and welcoming statement to onlookers. Consider also the lighting situation just inside your entryway. If you like more natural lighting, a new front door can help you achieve even the indoor aesthetic you want – just select a door with a custom-built window – the opportunities are endless.

Consider the Material

Wooden doors in Naperville, though popular, are not the only option you have in selecting the material your door is made of; a fiberglass-composite material can mimic the grain of natural wood, but typically comes cheaper. It often proves to be a practical choice in high-moisture climates, resistant to change where natural wood materials may sooner show signs of wear. A steel door is another option, for those concerned about optimum security. These energy efficient doors are also more cost-effective and easy to repair, being resistant to scratches or dents.

Altogether, a solid front door makes a huge difference in the overall look of your home’s exterior. Take into account which door material makes the most sense for your home, maintain a standard of high quality with a holistic view of your home’s aesthetic, and you can’t go wrong.

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