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Going Greener with Pella Windows

Posted 15 March 2016

Pella Windows in Oak Brook

When looking to go more environmentally-friendly in a home, one renovation choice with immediate benefits is to replace the windows in that home. By selecting Pella windows in Oak Brook, the energy efficiency of the home is instantly improved. Old windows can become drafty and ineffective with age, but when replaced with high-grade materials, the homeowner is not letting conditioned air or heat escape the house as much.

Pella tests all their products to be sure that they are at least meeting (usually exceeding) industry expectations before they ship them out. Glass reinforcement is a big factor in going greener with these window replacements; Pella windows in Oak Brook are made with triple-pane glass, which makes the glass less easily compromised and adds another layer to insulate the home against harsher weather outdoors. However, when the weather is nice outside, it can actually be better for the environment for a home’s windows to be open. Fresh air inside the home promotes cleanliness and discourages mold growth, which removes the need to use harsh, harmful chemicals to clean. Older windows often can’t be left open because of bad mechanisms or insufficient screen protection. Pella windows in Oak Brook are designed with special sealing tools to ensure that the other systems in the home work less hard to do their job, keeping the energy consumption much lower in their home.

The homeowner can also invest in high-quality window treatments to reduce energy usage; in the winter, the home-owner can open the blinds on their windows to let in the sunlight and avoid incurring extra heating costs. In the summer, they can draw the curtains to prevent that same light from entering in, allowing for an instantly cooler atmosphere. That extra layer of protection provided by good window treatments inside the home can make a big difference in reducing energy usage. With Pella’s history of excellence and their experience in designing the best of the best, this company creates a great brand a homeowner can trust to deliver quality windows.

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