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How to Choose the Best New Windows for Your Home

Posted 15 May 2016

Window Replacement Naperville il

Whether choosing new windows because you want to upgrade your home or because you simply can’t put it off anymore, you want to be sure you choose something you love. After all, unless you plan to sell, you’ll be spending years with your new panes of glass. You should think about several things before beginning your window replacement in Naperville, IL.

To Open or Not to Open

The first thing you should think about is whether you want the window to be able to open. For safety purposes, any windows in bedrooms and living areas, as well as any large windows in the kitchen or bathroom, should open in case of a fire. However, if you have windows that are near the ceiling or in hallways, or if your bathroom is made for small windows, you can choose non-opening models.

The Direction They Open

For those windows that you do want to open, consider the direction before starting your window replacement in Naperville, IL. Most modern models either slide up or slide to one side. This basic option is often the most affordable. It is also a safer option for bedrooms and living spaces because nearly anybody can get through them in an emergency. However, if you’d like something unique, you might consider an awning window that opens out from the bottom. These were once very popular and offer a bit of old-fashioned charm to any modern home.

Energy Efficiency

Consider how efficient you want your windows to be. If you want windows that let in a lot of light, be sure to consider their visible transmittance measurement. The higher the number, the more light you will get. The solar heat gain coefficient is also important. This number determines how much solar energy and heat the window can block. Always choose a reputable company for window replacement in Naperville, IL. A professional can help you asses your situation and choose the best windows to meet your needs and budget.

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