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Prevent Mold From Growing on Your Windows

Posted 05 November 2016

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The visible growth of mold on a window is and unappealing problem. It is typically caused by the accumulated of condensation between panes or in the corners of windows. In some cases, this is a sign of poor insulation and a need for window replacement in Downers Grove, IL. In the meantime, however, you can prevent the growth of mold by following these three simple steps and taking care of the windows in your home.

Keep Indoors Clean and Dry

One of the biggest threats to your home’s safety as a whole is the accumulation of moisture. If this is the cause of the mold on your windows, it is likely also causing mold growth elsewhere. Investing in new windows in Naperville may resolve the problem, but you should also be sure to keep the inside of your home clean and dry so that mold, mildew and rot are not given the opportunity to thrive.

Monitor the Humidity in Your Home

Homes in particularly humid environments may be especially susceptible to mold growth on windows in Naperville. This may be a reason to invest in window replacement in Downers Grove, IL, and it’s certainly a reason to take steps to mitigate high levels of humidity. If you notice your windows fogging up, this can be an indicators of excessive moisture in the air or poor insulation that can be resolved by replacements.

Check Your Insulation

An adequately insulated window will effectively form a barrier between your home and the elements outside. In some cases, mold appears because of moisture and growth outside, so window replacement in Downers Grove, IL is a great option for resolving the problem. Investing in new windows will also provide a range of benefits that will further protect your home. A contractor can help you select the right windows and install them for better insulation.

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