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Replace Your Windows and Transform Your Home

Posted 05 April 2016

Pella Windows in Oak Brook

On a cold winter night when you are curled up in a chair next to the window, does it feel like the air conditioning is on instead of the heat? If this sounds familiar, you might need some advice on window replacement in Naperville.

When to Consider Replacing Windows

The situation does not have to be as dire as confusing heat for air conditioning. Even a small draft is not energy efficient and can be a sign that you should replace your windows. Single pane windows provide much less insulation than double or triple pane windows and are a good candidate for replacement. Even double or triple pane windows may need replacement if you find condensation between the panes. Finally, if you cannot fully open or close your windows, this is not just a security risk. It also means they are due for replacement.

Types of Windows

Windows currently on the market may have wood, vinyl or aluminum frames. Vinyl windows can be quite affordable, very energy efficient and do not need to be painted. Wood windows have long been extremely desirable, but they can also be much more expensive and require greater maintenance than vinyl windows. Aluminum windows are also affordable, but they can be far less energy efficient than vinyl or wood windows. Window replacement in Naperville should keep in mind local weather patterns, including hot summers and cold winters.

Styles of Windows

Replacing windows can be an opportunity to bring your windows in line with the style and architecture of your home. Modern homes can benefit from large aluminum windows. Double hung windows with divided lights look great with colonial homes. Casement windows can be suited to ranch homes. Awning windows can look beautiful in sunrooms, regardless of the architecture of the rest of the home.

Window replacement in Naperville is not just a routine aspect of home maintenance. It can also be an opportunity to transform the look of your home and make it more beautiful and energy efficient.

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