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Replacement Window Trends

Posted 20 March 2016

Pella Windows in Oak Brook

With more people becoming homeowners in Illinois is recent years, there has been increased interest in window replacement in Western Springs. New windows are a great way to update an older home in both its energy efficiency and its look. As with anything, what is popular in windows has changed over the years. Knowing what the current trends are can help you choose a new look for your home.

Big Is In

The popularity of bigger windows is part of a larger trend of incorporating the outdoors into the home. Homeowners are making more outdoor living spaces as well as indoor spaces that have elements of the outdoors in them. Large windows are an extension of this trend. They brighten a room and make the surrounding natural elements a part of it.


Many homeowners are not just looking for the cheapest window replacement in Western Springs. They are looking for the best value. They want energy efficient windows that incorporate the newest technologies, are of high quality and are still affordable. That being said, they are willing to pay a premium for better performance, higher quality or the look and style they want.

Bay and Bow Windows

More natural light in homes is a trend that has continued for years. Gone are the days of heavy window coverings blocking out light. Homeowners are incorporating these bay and bow window styles into their homes to increase the light and feel of a room.

Thinner Frames

Windows are often designed with thinner frames than in the past, again, in response to homeowners wanting to increase the light into their home. They also give the impression of larger windows because of a bigger viewing area without the increased cost of retrofitting for a different sized window.

As home trends have changed, so have windows to accommodate them. New windows can be a great investment for your home, in more ways than just energy efficiency. Paying attention to new trends can help you make the most of your replacement window purchase.

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