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Save Money and Stay Warmwith Replacement Windows

Posted 20 May 2016

Window Replacement Naperville il

The Chicago area is well known for its wind and bitterly cold winters. The winter chill can lead to high electric bills when your heater is working overtime. One of the things you can do to lower your electric bills is to improve your home's energy efficiency. Finding high-quality replacement windows in Naperville can dramatically improve energy efficiency, as well as adding beauty to your home.

Windows and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important characteristics of a window. An inefficient window will make it hard to keep your home warm in the winter because much of the warm air will escape through the window. However, an efficient window will help maintain the climate control in your home while keeping your utility bill low. The U-Factor number of replacement windowsindicates the efficiency rating. A lower U-Factor corresponds to greater insulating properties and resistance to heat transfer.

Other Important Factors

The U-factor isn't the only thing to consider when looking for a window to keep you warm in winter. Air leakage indicates the amount of air that passes through each square foot of window. Condensation resistance is another important factor. A higher condensation resistancerating means the window will resist moisture condensation on the interior during the winter when there is a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the window.

Choosing the Best Brand

When it comes to actually choosing the best window brand, you must consider all the aspects. A brand with good energy efficiency and air leakage ratings will help your home stay warm in the winter without requiring your heater to run constantly. The Restoration Windows brand offers a good balance of beauty and high-quality components as well as a lifetime warranty.

New windows can help keep your home warm during even the coldest Chicago winter. Choosing a high-quality, energy efficient brand may lower your heating bill. Finding the right replacement windows in Naperville can add value and beauty to your home.

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