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Selling Your Home? Replace Your Windows First

Posted 12 March 2016

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If you are looking to sell your home soon, one of the first things you will want to begin considering is your home’s curb appeal. You want your home to look fabulous at first glance, because with potential buyers, that initial impression is vital. Outdated windows can be a big turn-off for buyers; it may communicate to them that the home might be drafty, that they will have to go through old, cumbersome mechanisms of opening if they want to let the fresh air in. They may even think that the current homeowner is neglectful to have left their windows as-is. You can bypass these negative impressions by getting your new windows in Downers Grove, freshly updated and reassuring to home-buyers.

The concept of curb appeal doesn’t stop at the home’s exterior, though; if your house is amazing on the inside, you better believe people are going to want to live in it. For a budget-friendly option, select a sturdy but plain window type and pair with a fabulous patterned curtain to bring balance and interest to your room. You can also draw attention to your new windows in Downers Grove by refreshing the wall paint around them. Or, you go bigger and more minimalistic, focusing on clean lines and crisp, understated colors. If you do this both in your window selection and throughout your home, it will help create a modern effect that will wow your potential buyers.

Replacing your windows will not only increase buyer traffic and promote good impressions; it will also boost the re-sale value of your home. Buyers will typically want their new home updated and move-in ready, and are willing to pay extra not to have to deal with replacing the windows themselves. So, in the end, getting your new windows in Downers Grove is a great way to help out your future home buyers while putting more money in your own pocket.

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