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Window Types for Window Replacement

Posted 30 April 2016

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When you’re choosing to update your home’s windows, you have many different options. How a window operates can change its efficiency and give you more choices for better design in window replacement in Naperville, IL. Consider all the elements of your window when you’re updating your home for maximum comfort, savings, and functionality.

• Fixed panes are airtight windows, which cannot be opened. They are impractical for providing ventilation, but ideal for increasing light without adding air flow.

• Awning windows hinge at the top and open outwards. This style is more energy efficient than sliding windows because of the way the seal is maintained.

• Sliding or double-sliding windows have a horizontal slide, which makes them practical for increasing air flow on cooler days when you want to have the window open. However, they are not as airtight as awning or hinged windows, which means they might be impractical on a north-facing window.

• Single and double-hung windows are probably the most traditional windows, but they do have a higher air leakage rate than hinged windows.

• Hopper windows are backwards to the awning windows, being hinged at the bottom and opening at the top. The sash closes by pressing against the frame, making them have lower air leakage over single or double-hung windows.

• Casement windows are hinged at the side, similar to hopper or awning style windows. They have lower air leakage rates, but they also may not have the same air flow as a single hung or sliding window.

Spring is the perfect time to inspect your windows and make repairs. If you are ready for window replacement in Naperville, IL, contact Dilworth Windows & Doors Inc. to discuss your needs and to get the right windows to fit your home’s personality and style. We want to keep your home energy-efficient and comfortable throughout the year with the right glass and insulation to match the window’s functionality.

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