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Deciding Which Window Material is the Right Choice for Your Replacement Windows

Posted 15 May 2017

Replacement Windows Naperville, IL

Choosing replacement windows for your Naperville home is an important investment, so it’s important to ensure that you bring home the right model the first time. By paying special attention to important factors you can ensure that the windows you select are the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. One of these important factors is the type of window material you choose to purchase. Your material plays a major role in windows’ energy efficiency, upkeep costs, and durability. Still, with so many popular window materials on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the right choice for your home. That’s why we’ve created a short buyer’s guide to provide you with some background information for materials like wood, vinyl, and fiberglass for your next Naperville, IL replacement windows project.

Wooden Windows
Wooden windows are the original frame materials and continue to be a favorite among homeowners due to their classically warm look and feel. Wooden windows come in a wide variety of species and tones, making it easy for them to compliment any home. In the event that a homeowner cannot find the specific style they are looking for, wooden windows can easily be customized by simply painting or staining the windows to match their color needs. One of the few downsides of wooden windows is the amount of upkeep and maintenance they require. Wooden windows need to be peeled, sanded, painted and stained at least once a year, more in particularly humid climates.

Fiberglass Windows
Homeowners that love the aesthetic appeal of wooden windows but would like a more durable and energy efficient option should take a closer look at fiberglass windows. Not only are these windows virtually indistinguishable from wooden windows, but they also require very little upkeep and maintenance. The one downside that many have associated with fiberglass windows is their high price tag, making the windows out of reach for some homeowners.

Vinyl Windows
Vinyl windows were introduced in the early 1970’s as a more affordable alternative to other window materials on the market. Since then the material has managed to hold onto its title as the most affordable window material on the market, but don’t be fooled by these windows’ low price tags, they also host a variety of benefits including energy efficiency, weather resistance, and lasting durability.

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