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Three Ways that Doors Make All the Difference

Posted 05 January 2016


As a homeowner, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to impressing guests and visitors. But have you ever considered the statement that doors make? As the entry and exit points for the home and each room, doors serve a very functional and protective purpose in addition to making a major splash aesthetically. Check out some of these ways that doors affect your home before going hunting for door installation in Naperville.

1. Killer Entry Doors Set the Tone

The main door that you use to enter your house says a lot about the home that you are about to enter. While a large, bold door made out of hand-carved oak serves as a protective barrier, a delicate, glass door is inviting and classy. Make your entry door make a statement by setting it off from your home’s exterior, or make it subtle by blending it in.

2. Sliding Doors: The Best of Both Worlds

Sliding doors are unique in that they have the ability to let the inside out and the outside in during pleasant weather. Ideal for sun rooms, breakfast rooms, and other bright, light spaces, sliding doors can have multiple full glass panels and be screen or unscreened. Other options include tinting the glass, or covering them with custom window treatments for privacy.

3. French Patio Doors Make a Grand Entrance

The elegance of French doors cannot be overstated. Double doors that lead out into the backyard or into a patio area are the ultimate in sophistication, and can really expand the interior room that they lead into.

Now that you know just a few of the ways that doors can highlight or show off certain parts of your home, you may be ready to seek out a professional for your door installation in Naperville. Check out before and after pictures to get even more ideas of how door replacement can make an impact.

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