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Top Signs That You Need New Doors in Naperville

Posted 01 February 2016

Doors in Naperville

As an aspect of the home that arguably experiences the most interaction with people, doors are of significant importance to the aesthetic appeal of the entire structure. However, like all things that see a lot of use, they start to wear down over time. If you live in Illinois and you start to notice some of the following problems, it is to your benefit to get in touch with a well-regarded company to install some new doors in Naperville.

1. Noisy hinges

While the squeaking noises are certainly annoying, oiling can only do so much to help maintain aging hinges, as they often indicate that the door itself is on its last legs. Furthermore, this presents a security issue, as loose and weak hinges allow your doors to be forced open more easily.

2. Faulty seals

Just about every door that leads from the inside of your home to the outdoors is equipped with seals around its edges in order to effectively keep out air and moisture. As a door ages, however, these seals can start to crack and shrink, losing their ability to function properly.

3. Floor damage

Old doors in Naperville are often subject to sagging and warping over time due to prolonged exposure to moist weather. As a result, they can drag against your flooring, creating damage that can quickly get expensive if left unchecked.

4. Cracking

This is perhaps the biggest red flag with regard to door damage. These cracks can allow drafts and pests to get inside the house, which can ultimately cost you a lot of money down the road. Additionally, cracks indicate failing structural integrity, which poses a safety threat to you and your loved ones.

Issues like these should not be put off to be handled on another day. A new set of doors in Naperville will not only enhance the look of your home, they will improve its safety and cost efficiency as well.

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