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Up Your Dosage of Natural Light With New French Doors

Posted 02 February 2016

French Doors

The French are famous for really knowing how to live. It’s no coincidence that the style of doors bearing their name is great for boosting a person’s joie de vivre. French doors turn an entryway into the gates to paradise by bringing in bucketfuls of natural light that would normally be shut out by a solid door. So if you’ve decided that the time is ripe for upgrading your entry doors in Naperville, perhaps a lovely set of French doors will create just the feel you’re looking for.

Natural light brightens up a place like nothing else. If your house is primarily lit by electric lights, you might really be missing out on those sunny days. There’s a reason you don’t grow plants in your closet. They’ll just wither and die. Have you ever felt like you were withering away yourself because your house completely shuts out the sunshine? Replacing those heavy, clunky, completely opaque entry doors in Naperville with some lovely French doors might be the solution you’re looking for.

Natural light has been shown to boost people’s health in a major way. Studies performed on people working in offices have indicated that people exposed to more natural light while working tended to sleep longer and more deeply. They also were more physically active and, we might say, enjoyed a stronger joie de vivre. Although these studies were focusing on workplace conditions, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also try to get more natural light in your home, especially if your workplace offers you little of this precious resource. So take inspiration from the French and choose some new entry doors in Naperville that really let the light in! Before you know it, your zest for life will be a hundred times what it is today. You may also want to convince some important people at your workplace that they should add some French doors and wide windows to the office too.

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