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Bow Windows Can Really Tie Things Together

Posted 10 February 2016

Bow Windows Naperville

A lot of people in Naperville think of windows and doors as two completely different things. One you walk through, and the other you look through, right? Well, that may be true as far as function goes, but the partisans of form over function would opt for a different categorization. When it comes to tying the look and feel of your whole house together into a lovely package, you should start thinking of your Naperville windows and doors as things that belong to the same category. That way, you’ll be applying the same aesthetic to both, and your house will look great as a result.

One of the best types of windows that will really tie your house together are bow windows. These are basically a series of tall windows that curve around a semicircle-shaped ledge on the interior. They look a lot like several pairs of elf-sized French doors placed side by side. If you add some actual French doors to your entryway, then you’ll have a lovely aesthetic theme running through the entire house. The wooden portions of your Naperville windows and doors can be painted any color you like, but people generally prefer pastel colors, with white as the most popular by far and light blue coming in second.

This killer combo also brings a lot of exhilarating natural light straight into your living space. As you’re probably aware, no electrical lightbulb will make natural light irrelevant. Bringing real sunshine into your home will do wonders for your mood and overall health. Give your mind and body the gift of glorious natural light with generous bow windows and classic French doors.

So if you’re looking for a complete Naperville windows and doors makeover, consider the combo of bow windows with French doors. You’ll love the generous dosage of natural light and the much more coherent, tied-together look that your house will have as a result.

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