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Know When to Invest in New Windows in Elmhurst

Posted 13 February 2016

Elmhurst New Windows

Whether you’ve lived in your house for decades or you just moved in last month, chances are that you have not paid much attention to your windows during your time there. However, they play a much larger role in the comfort of a home than most people realize. To that end, if you know that your home is 15 years of age or more, and that the windows haven’t been maintained during that time, purchasing some new windows in Elmhurst can make a huge difference in the structure’s curb appeal and cost effectiveness. Here are a few ways to determine when it is time to make the investment.

1. Look From the Outside

One of the simplest ways to assess the condition of your windows is to take a walk out to your street and look at your home from a distance. If you have recently felt that the place could use a bit of aesthetic revitalization, the windows could very well be the culprit of its aging appearance. Is the paint around the framing starting to chip away or do you simply dislike the color and style? Investing in some new windows in Elmhurst could be the solution.

2. Look From the Inside

This often reveals more serious issues. If, in a close-up inspection of your windows from inside your home, you notice that the framing and wall space immediately around the opening is wet, causing the paint or wallpaper to fall away, it means that outside moisture is getting in. Some other indications of a weakening structure include:

These are all problems that should not be allowed to persist, because rotting wood within your walls can pose a serious safety risk. Get some new windows in Elmhurst to keep you and your loved ones protected.

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