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Turning a Cave Into a Home

Posted 03 December 2015

Oak Brook Installation

Turning a Cave Into a Home

You love your house, but you sure wish it didn’t feel like such a dungeon. You are not the first person to run into this situation. There are several things you can do to let in light and air to make a brighter home and beat back the bleakness.

Additional Exterior Windows

This may seem like a weird option, but most homes (especially dark homes) have plenty of places that can hold additional windows. You will want to consult with a contractor to find the right locations, but adding windows is the easiest and most obvious way to add natural light to your home. They can increase airflow and are a great way to improve heating and cooling options. Take a look at local contractors for Oak Brook window installation options.

Interior Glass

Many large homes have regions that suffer from a lack of quality light. Lamps and overheads can keep you from tripping, but sunlight is always superior when it is available. If you have interior rooms or hallways that never receive enough sun, consider interior windows or glass doors. Both of these options will let the light in, but they will also give you more control over air currents in the house. A nice summer breeze or the warmth of a glowing fire can be channeled through interior glass options.


When additional windows or glass doors aren’t an option, you can supplement the natural light you do get with well-placed mirrors. While they won’t help with airflow, strategic mirrors can channel the sun into the darkest corners of the house.

Your best bet to overcome the dankness is to consider Oak Brook window installation contractors. If that doesn’t work, adding glass to doors or implementing good mirrors can improve the quality of your home and make it feel more welcoming..

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