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Professional Advantage: Why Hire a Pro for Your Patio Doors

Posted 05 December 2015

Why Hire a Pro for Your Patio Doors

Professional Advantage: Why Hire a Pro for Your Patio Doors

If you're like most homeowners, you'd probably hire a professional installer to replace your house's front door, both for appearance and security. However, when it comes to patio and porch doors that aren't as visible, some people may try to save a little money by doing the work themselves. The truth is, when it comes to patio doors in Naperville, a professional installation job is as important as it is for the front doors.

To begin with, any door installation is a difficult job without the knowledge and skills. Ensuring a door is square and plumb with its frame requires the use of levels and careful calculation. With the sliding doors most common for patios, the shims need to be precisely installed to avoid distorting the frame. A bowed or misaligned frame can prevent the door from properly sliding open and closed. Not only is this inconvenient, it also presents a safety concern, as the door may not be able to latch or lock correctly. While some patios and decks may be difficult to access, back doors are a common entry point for thieves who prefer to get into houses from less visible locations.

Even smaller mistakes in the installation can cause later problems. Doors must be well-insulated to prevent heat loss and drafts in the house, and when installed correctly, energy efficient patio doors in Naperville can make back the cost of installation in savings. However, interruption in the caulking or a warped frame can make for gaps that allow heat to escape even through a quality door. In addition, improper installation may void the door manufacturer's warranty.

Because of the challenges of door installation and the problems that can arise if it's done incorrectly, homeowners are recommended to hire an experienced professional to install their patio doors in Naperville. Entrusting the work to a professional ensures that your doors will work smoothly and safely for years to come.

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