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Getting the Patio Door that Fits Your Home

Posted 20 October 2015

Getting the Patio Door that Fits Your Home

A patio door is a great way to increase the light to a room and allow for an easy exit to the patio, but it’s important to consider your home’s architecture and structure when choosing to install patio doors in Naperville. French doors work well in a Colonial or Tudor home with their traditional design, while a more modern home may look better with a sliding glass door or a newer bi-parting door.

One of the great things about patio doors in Naperville is that they allow more light into the home in every season, but with the extreme winter temperatures in Illinois, you will want to consider energy-efficiency of your windows. Pay attention to the type of glass you are choosing and the materials that your door frame is made of. Wood is more classic, but vinyl is more durable against the elements.

The functionality of the door is another consideration. If the view out the patio door isn’t so great, decorative glass may change your outlook while giving you a prettier portal to the outdoors. You have a number of design options such as grids and grille patterns, as well as colors that complement your other doors and windows.

If you’re trying to create an outdoor living space with your patio door, you will want to consider how the doors open. On a balcony, you save valuable space by using a sliding door instead of doors that swing out. Doors that swing out are best for spaces that have a lot of room and have an awning over the entryway to protect the doors when they are open. An awning also cuts down on the direct sunlight that comes into the home and prevents fading of your carpet and furniture. Patio doors in Naperville are an investment in your house that will add enjoyment and beauty for years to come.

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