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Choosing the Replacement Windows that Complement Your Home’s Personality

Posted 25 October 2015

Replacement Windows Darien IL

Choosing the Replacement Windows that Complement Your Home’s Personality

The architecture of your home is key to its style, so when you’re choosing replacement windows in Darien, IL you want to ensure that you maintain the dignity of your home’s look. After the door, the windows do more for the curb appeal of your house than any other feature. Match your windows to your home’s structure to get the most bang for your bucks.

Cape Cod style homes, while popular in New England have made their way into the Midwest. The traditional design calls for grids and a double hung style to complement the French-style doors that are common to the look. Colonial homes also work well with a double hung style of window that pairs well with the shutters that are essential to the style. Using grids in the window emphasizes the geometry of the architecture.

A Victorian home can take more elaborate and ornate details like bay windows and bow windows. Bay windows give the illusion of more space, which makes a difference in a smaller home. The Tudor style home craves long narrow replacement windows in Darien, IL that lets in a lot of light while matching the architectural design of the home.

Ranch level homes are very popular in the Midwest, and call for large picture windows that are designed to be efficient and durable enough to stand up to the strong winds that swoop down from the north. These styles also keep your home looking modern and contemporary to maintain its value and style while allowing plenty of light to enter your home for a warm, inviting interior.

Windows change the feel inside your home by providing light and openness, which means you should carefully choose your replacement windows in Darien, IL. Making sure you have the right style increases your home’s value which you recoup in lower energy bills with higher efficiency during the extreme winters in Illinois.

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