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Pella or Marvin—Installation Matters

Posted 25 February 2016

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Old and/or poorly installed windows are some of the biggest causes of poor thermal and energy performance in a home. Gaps in framing, poor seals due to improper fits, single-pane construction and cracks in glass or frame materials are just some of the ways bad windows increase climate-control expenses. Window replacement in Elmhurst, IL, can provide a cost-effective way to save money on heating and cooling bills while upgrading the look of your home.

There are myriad manufacturers who claim to provide good choices for new windows, but many of them cut corners and use cheap, low-grade materials during construction. This may save money, but when it comes to windows, you often get what you pay for. Two companies have made big names for themselves in terms of quality, performance and durability—Pella and Marvin.

The two brands are well known for their impressive attributes and have proven themselves in the market for window replacement in Elmhurst, IL. Both offer excellent build quality in attractive packages suitable to a variety of installations. They offer extensive, comparable warranties. Each offers products in a range of materials from wood to vinyl and fiberglass. Ultimately, Marvin and Pella both offer superlative quality that makes either a compelling choice for energy- and value-conscious homeowners. What matters more than the brand is the installer.

Even windows as well constructed as Marvin or Pella will underperform and require early replacement if installed poorly. Anyone planning window replacement in Elmhurst, IL, should focus less on brand and more on finding the right company to handle the installation. A quality window contractor can assess your needs and help you pinpoint the models that would best suit your home and situation.

Whether you end up going with Pella or with Marvin, having the right person doing the work will give you the confidence of knowing you’re putting in the best windows for your home using the best install practices. That way you can enjoy your new, energy-efficient views for years.

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