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Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Posted 18 January 2016

Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Springing for new windows can be a complex, costly undertaking, but it can be more expensive to live in a house with old windows. Drafts, ultraviolet rays and maintenance fuss can rob you of time and energy for other things. The key is to replace your windows before they actually look run down. If you are in the market for new windows for your home, look for experts in window replacement in Glen Ellyn

1. Your windows are 15 years old or older

If you have been living in house for 15 years or more and have not taken a serious look at the windows, now is the time. Window technology has advanced quite a bit, and money on your heating and cooling bills might literally be going out the window. This is especially true if your windows are old-fashioned and have just one layer of glass. Multiple layers can reduce noise from the outside, insulate better and screen your home from ultraviolet rays.

2. There is moisture gathering on the window ledge

Drops of moisture are a sign that there is leakage occurring from your window. You might not actually hear drafts, but you can probably guess that gusts of air are sucking up money from your wallet in the form of heating bills.

3. Windows are difficult to open and close

If you have trouble opening and closing your windows, it may be that you need to eat your spinach, but more likely, stubborn windows tend to be simply too old. A quality window should open and close easily, be simple to clean and not require a lot of maintenance.

If you have decided to go ahead and buy new windows, consult with installation professionals when you invest in window replacement in Glenn Ellyn. Proper installation is the key to getting the best performance from your new windows.

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