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What to Consider Before Replacing Your Windows

Posted 22 January 2016

Replacement Windows Elmhurst

Your windows may be run-down or perhaps you want a new look for your home. Window replacement in Elmhurst, IL can be simple if you make the right preparations ahead of time and are armed with information. Consider the design of windows you want, energy efficiency and materials that will provide maximum durability and performance for long life.

Consider how you want your windows to open and what kind of structure is the best fit for your home. A single sash design is one of the simplest forms with a panel on the bottom that can move vertically and a top that stays in place. Double hung windows have two panes that can be moved, and an awning window is one that you can push out and pull in. Browse through various designs, such as bay windows and casements to make the best choice of replacement windows.

Next, look into a selection of materials for your windows. Wood is a classic choice for historic homes and has a traditional appearance. Wood can be vulnerable to drafts and wear and tear, and that is the reason many people prefer vinyl, which is durable and seals securely. Fiberglass is also a popular option, but it is more costly than vinyl. However, it can be made to look like wood and other materials.

Select energy efficient windows that will help you save on your heating and cooling bills. While many homeowners focus on insulation, much of the heat in the home is lost through the windows. It pays to install windows made of energy efficient materials which make windows pay for themselves in the long run.

Make sure your windows are installed by experts, and it is worthwhile to contact professionals specializing in window replacement in Elmhurst, IL. Experts can consult with you regarding the right materials and designs for your replacement windows and can provide high quality installation.

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