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Considerations for Choosing New Windows and Doors to Your Home

Posted 30 October 2015

Darien IL Windows and Doors

Considerations for Choosing New Windows and Doors to Your Home

Before starting any remodeling project involving windows and doors in Darien, IL you need carefully consider many different things. You probably already are aware of your own style and that of your home, but there are many other things that are just as important to your choice. Here are few things to help you choose the right replacements for your house and to maintain safety and value.

Local building codes and HOA requirements should be considered. There are regulations for egress in bedrooms, in the event of an emergency or fire. You want to make sure that you meet these codes not just for safety but in the event that you plan to sell. Horizontal windows in the basement allow for ventilation and egress and blend in well to most architectural details.

Another aspect of window safety is the locks. First floor windows and doors should have invisible locks from the outside. You might also want to consider picture windows or casements on the first floor, which are harder to pry open. If your windows open close to a pathway, you don’t want to choose windows that open out.

Don’t forget to make sure that the glass of yoru windows and doors in Darien, IL is strong. Tempered glass is a good choice because when it shatters, it breaks into tiny pieces without sharp edges that can cause injuries. Your local building codes may specify which type of glass can be used in the bathroom or bedrooms.

Consider your landscaping when installing doors and windows in Darien, IL. Don’t make it easy for intruders to have access to your home. You want your portals to be safe and beautiful, it’s important to work with your installer to get the right look and keep your family safe. Get the right ventilation and light with the doors and windows that fit your needs.

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