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Are Your Heating Bills Going Right out the Window? Follow These Tips to Save

Posted 12 December 2015

Windows and Doors Darien IL

Are Your Heating Bills Going Right out the Window? Follow These Tips to Save

Cold winters are a fact of life in Illinois, where the average temperatures from December through February are below freezing, and the weather may drop below zero Fahrenheit some nights. When the temperature goes down, your heat bills naturally go up, as your furnaces and fireplaces work to keep your home warm and cozy. However, depending on the state of your windows and doors in Darien, IL, you might be losing money on heating costs. Experts estimate that thirty to fifty percent of the average house's total heat loss goes out the doors and windows.

Keeping your heat from escaping outside means more than keeping windows and doors closed. Drafts from poorly insulated windows and doors accounts for much heat loss. Laying down weather stripping on the frames can help curb the loss, an insulated curtains are also be useful. To maximize their effectiveness, open the curtains during the day to allow sunlight to warm your rooms, and close them throughout the cold night to keep that heat inside.

Another way to improve your windows and doors in Darien, IL, especially if you have an older house or single-paned windows, is to replace them with models rated for energy efficiency. High-performance vinyl windows are made with insulated cores in the frames and special glass panes designed to reflect heat back into the home. Fiberglass replacement doors provide similar protection for your house's heat, as well as the more general security offered by the strength and durability of fiberglass. While window and door replacements can be an investment, they can soon pay for themselves in the energy savings.

Keeping your house warm throughout the freezing winter can be a challenge, but proper preparations will help you stay cozy without breaking the bank. Along with weather stripping and curtains, replacing your windows and doors in Darien, IL with more energy efficient models can be the most cost-effective and convenient way to save on heating costs.

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