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5 Things Other Window Salesmen DO NOT Want You To Know About Window Replacement In Downers Grove, IL.

Want To Throw A Bucket Of Cold Water On A Window Salesman? Just Bring Up Any (Or All!) Of These Points That Defeat Their Sales Presentation….

If you’re shopping for new windows in Downers Grove, you need to know that window salesmen usually don’t tell you the full story. They tend to gloss over or omit certain things that might make you hesitate to buy from them.

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Make sure you discuss these issues with any window salesman you talk to:

  1. Their Sales Presentation Is Going To Take 2 To 3 HOURS: Make sure you ask how long their presentation will last BEFORE they show up to your house. The average window appointment, according to industry sources, last 2 hours and 37 minutes! That’s enough time to watch an entire Bulls game! Why so long? Mostly because they are selling overpriced windows, and they need a lot of time to get you to agree that you should pay $15,000 to $25,000 for new windows.
  2. They Don’t REALLY Know That Your Old Windows Are Faulty: Unless your windows are just blatantly old and faulty, it’s not necessarily a given that they need to be replaced. Don’t get us wrong: most windows over 15 years old DO need to be replaced—but don’t you want to find out FOR SURE before investing all that money? Most salesmen will just assume the old ones need to go.
  3. The Markup On Their Windows Is Between 3 and 4 TIMES Over Cost: If we asked you how much a brand new Honda Accord should cost from a dealer, a quick check of the newspaper (or just common sense) would tell you that an Accord with decent options will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 (give or take a few thousand). But new windows in Downers Grove? You’ve never bought them, so you don’t really know—and worse, you’re usually at the mercy of the sales person to try to find out. The result is that they often mark their windows up 3 or 4 TIMES over cost, and YOU end up paying too much!
  4. Their Windows Have Poor Viewable Areas: Many vinyl windows are boxy and have less-than-stellar viewing areas (i.e., glass). You’d never know it either, unless you looked at these windows side-by-side with ones that have more glass. Don’t get less glass for your money—get windows that offer big, beautiful views of the outdoors!
  5. Their Window Frames Have Practically No Insulation: In addition to U-Value (aka, “miles per gallon” for windows), consider a window’s R-Factor. This is a measurement of how well the window SASH insulates against the weather. When considering window replacement in Downers Grove, IL, look for windows filled with quality insulation. This will not only cut your energy costs, but will also reduce glass condensation, dampen outside noise, prevent drafts, and provide more durability.

Want To The Honest Facts?

If you want “the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” about getting new windows in Downers Grove, contact Dilworth today. Our honest estimates are free of pressure and focus on finding the right solution for your situation and budget. We would enjoy discussing your window project with you.