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How To Pick The Most Established, Stable, And Reliable Company To Install Your Windows and Doors In Naperville And Darien, IL.

Windows And Doors Contractors Are A Dime A Dozen… But Only A Handful Are Qualified To Handle Your Project.

If you’re thinking about buying new windows or doors in Darien, IL and the surrounding areas, you have to ensure any contractor you’re considering is stable and has a proven past.

The thing is, there’s a little more to it than just asking a contractor if they’re stable (anyone can claim to be the King of England). You have to look for hard proof of the contractor’s financial stability and time in business.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to look for and ask about when researching a window and door contractor’s stability.

1. Proof Of Establishment

Surprisingly, many contractors use a pickup truck as an office. To ensure yourself a quality project, make sure the contractor has a real place of operation—one that’s not on four wheels—with all of the typical business functions (sales, production, accounting, and so on). If a contractor uses his truck’s dashboard as his desk, keep moving.

2. Bank Letter

If a window and door contractor is in good standing with a bank, that’s good news for you. If a bank has confidence in a contractor, it means the bank will help the contractor sustain, innovate, and grows its operations.

3. Supplier Letter

When considering a contractor who installs windows and doors in Naperville and Darien, IL, obtain a copy of a supplier letter. A supplier letter is written confirmation that a contractor is in good standing with its vendor. Be wary of any contractor that tells you supplier letters are hard to get—if the contractor has a good relationship with the vendor, he should have zero problem obtaining one of these letters.

4. Business License

Make sure a contractor has been operating under the same name for at least 5 years. Some contractors open and close under different names multiple times to avoid past customer complaints. (Some businesses, though, will be legitimately new—if this is the case, obtain a 10-year work history of the owner and ask questions about work experience.)

5. Insurance

If your contractor’s insurance cannot cover potential damages, he is personally responsible. If he can’t cover the damages himself, you will have to pay for them. Be sure to request a Certificate of Insurance (issued specifically to your job) from the insurance provider prior to installation. This is your proof that the coverage is in place at the time the work is performed.

“Stability” Is Our Middle Name

If you want your new windows and doors in Naperville or Darien, IL installed by a reliable and stable contractor with a proven past—and who will be there for you in the future—contact Dilworth today. Since 1993, we’ve established ourselves as the premier window and door contractor for Chicago’s Western Suburbs. We would enjoy discussing your project with you during a free, no-pressure quote.