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What You’re Really Paying For When You Buy Expensive New Windows In Naperville.

If You Go With Name-Brand Replacement Windows In Naperville, Guess Who Is Paying For All That Brand Recognition? (Yes, You Are!)

Are you a homeowner thinking about window replacement in Naperville, IL? If so, window installation costs for high-end brands is something to carefully consider.

Why? The fact is that there is substantially NO difference in looks, performance, energy efficiency, or anything else in windows that cost an outrageous amount of money. They are simply positioned as high-end windows and sold to people who want the highest quality and don’t know the difference. Think about it—how would you even know what to look for in a window to distinguish a “good” one from a “bad” one? You wouldn’t—and companies take advantage of that.

See the numbers in the chart below to get a feel for where all that extra money is going when you buy expensive windows—remember: the window itself is basically identical in every important performance category. The extra money goes mainly into ADVERTISING—both on behalf of the manufacturer AND the dealer. So unless you want to foot the bill for as much as $5,000 (for a whole house of windows) in advertising that it took to get you as a customer, you’ll be better off with a less expensive window.

Expensive Window Costs


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