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How Much Should You Pay For Great Triple-Pane Replacement Windows In Darien, IL?

Believe It Or Not, There Is A Right Price For New Windows In Darien, IL. Keep Reading To Find Out What It Is.

You can compare the cost of window replacement in Darien, IL to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Wait… what?

Bear with us.

Basically, there are three price ranges for triple-pane windows: A price that’s too low (“This porridge is too cold!”); a price that’s too high (“This porridge is too hot!”); and a price that’s perfect (“This porridge is just right!”)

In this article, we discuss these three window price ranges to show you which one is just right to get the best quality for a fair price. Let’s get started…

Less Than $400? “This Porridge Is Too Cold!”

Don’t Waste Your Time. What sounds like a great deal is indeed too good to be true. These are what industry insiders call “investment grade” windows… or in other words, windows for cheap rental properties. Don’t be fooled by windows that LOOK like quality windows; they’re not even close. Energy efficiency goes out the window (pun intended!). On a scale of 1 to 10 for energy efficiency, these windows will be lucky to hit a 2 or 3.

$1,200 To $1,500? “This Porridge Is Too Hot!”

Save Your Money. The only reason you should EVER pay that much for replacement windows in Darien, IL is if you need custom matched colors or wood windows for a custom home. But for vinyl windows, anything over $900 is simply too much. A $1,200 window will normally rate a solid 9 or 10 for energy efficiency—same as a window that costs $300 to $400 less! The truth is the extra money goes into 4 areas: Manufacturer mark up (twice what it should be), advertising cost (it’s harder to sell expensive windows!), dealer markup (twice what we make), and inflated sales commissions. Simply put: there’s no reason to spend this much on vinyl windows—ever.

$600 To $900? “This Porridge Is Just Right!”

Jackpot! We researched tons of window manufacturers for the best of the best—in terms of energy efficiency, warranty, looks, and overall value—and we’ve discovered this is exact right price for quality vinyl windows. That’s why we became a dealer for Sunrise’s Restorations Windows. Restorations Windows score a perfect 10 out of 10 on energy efficiency (actually BETTER than $1,200+ windows), and come with a lifetime warranty, including a free glass breakage warranty. Restorations and vinyl brands like it are simply the best value for the best quality—hands down.

Want To Know More?

Now that you know the CORRECT price for quality triple-pane vinyl windows, you can rest easy that you won’t pay too much (or too little) for great windows. For a free, no-pressure quote, contact Dilworth today. We provide superb window installation for Darien, IL, and we would enjoy discussing your project with you.