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Vinyl Windows Vs. Wood Windows

When It Comes To Window Replacement In Elmhurst, IL, Which Material Is Right For Your Home & Budget… Vinyl Or Wood?

Want new windows in Elmhurst… but can’t decide if wood or vinyl is the best window material for your home?

To help you decide, we’ve put these materials head-to-head in several key categories. This will help you gain a much better understanding of what window will work best for your situation.

Round 1: Cost

Wood: Wood is one of the most expensive materials for window replacement in Elmhurst, IL. That said, wood windows look great and can add substantial value to your home. Just be sure to perform constant upkeep to ensure they maintain their looks and efficiency.

Vinyl: The most superior and beautiful vinyl windows will cost you less than average-quality wood windows will—and they will often perform much better. High-quality vinyl windows (Restorations by Sunrise Windows, for example) pay for themselves 10 times over because they have spectacular energy efficiency, the highest security, and the longest lifespan of any window on the market.

Round 2: Appearance

Wood: Wood windows look gorgeous—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The problem lies in if you think it’s worth constantly maintaining wood windows to preserve their looks. If you don’t mind the constant upkeep, you can’t go wrong with wood windows. But if you’d prefer not to stain, paint, or scrape your windows every year or so, you’re better off looking at a different material.

Vinyl: While low-quality vinyl windows can bend and fade, high-quality vinyl windows (Restorations by Sunrise, for example) will not. High-quality vinyl also requires little to no maintenance, and does not need painting, scraping, or any of the other common upkeep hassles that wood windows have.

Round 3: Lifespan

Wood: Surprisingly, wood windows can last a long time if they’re maintained properly. The big issue is that wood windows require A LOT of upkeep—painting, scraping, staining, and so on. If you keep up with the maintenance, wood windows will last you a while.

Vinyl: It’s true that cheap, $400-or-less vinyl windows will last only about 10 to 15 years due to bowing, warping, fading, and so on. But premium-quality vinyl windows (ones that are $600 to $900, typically) are crafted with ultra-strength materials and vinyl that will last for life with almost zero upkeep.

Round 4: Energy Efficiency

Wood: Wood isn’t the most energy-efficient material and does not insulate anywhere near as well as other common window materials (vinyl, for example). To enhance the efficiency of their wood windows, manufacturers apply aluminum- or vinyl-clad to the frame.

Vinyl: While “cheap” vinyl windows won’t save you a lot on your energy bills, high-quality ones are typically light years ahead every window in terms of energy efficiency. For example, Restorations by Sunrise windows are made of premium insulated vinyl. This and similar vinyl brands exceed current Energy Star requirements in U-Factor, R-Value, and Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency. You can cut your yearly energy costs by hundreds of dollars.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for new windows in Elmhurst, the right material depends on your tastes, the style of your home, and your budget. Both vinyl and wood have advantages in differing areas. Contact us today, and we can help you decide on the best windows for your situation with a free, no-pressure estimate!