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When to Replace Your Windows

Posted 10 December 2016

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Replacing your windows is a significant but worthy investment for your home. However, it’s easy to let home renovation opportunities slip by if a need is not immediately apparent. With that in mind, here are three different situations in which you should consider window replacement in Downer’s Grove, IL.

When You Move In

Moving in to a new home is a great opportunity to do a full evaluation on your windows and determine whether or not they need to be replaced. Are the windows in your new home efficient? Do you like their aesthetic? Are they very old and bound to create problems in the near future? Getting your windows replaced right away can add a lot of value to your new home and potentially reduce window-related repair costs in the future.

When You Need a Lower Energy Bill

Old windows in Naperville can actually allow for a lot of air leakage, negatively affecting your energy bill. As a general rule, if your air leakage is measuring at 0.4 or higher, that means it’s high time to invest in high-quality replacement windows. You’ll notice a huge difference in your energy bill with the new windows if you’re curious, here are some of the ways that replacement windows help you save money on your energy bill.

When Your Windows are Damaged

Depending on the damage incurred, it may actually cost you more to repair your damaged windows than replace them. If you’re facing a damaged window issue, have a professional come give you a quote on both repair and replacement services.

To sum up, looking into window replacement in Downer’s Grove, IL, is an excellent course of action in a number of situations you may encounter. Whether you’re just moving in, looking to save some money or maximize your home investment, replacing your windows is a great way to start.

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