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Window Trends in 2017

Posted 20 December 2016

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Windows can be some of the most charming, stand-out features of your home’s exterior. If you’re planning on getting new windows in Downer’s Grove in the upcoming year, it’s a good idea to bear in mind the overall aesthetic of your home.You should also look into the kinds of window trends that will make your home’s value soar. With the open, natural lighting trend staying on the rise, windows will be a key selling point. Because of this, you can expect to see some beautiful window trends emerging in 2017.

1. Craftsman Windows

Brand names like Restorations Windows offer a beautiful artisan quality that maximize the natural light in your home. They’re also much more energy efficient, saving you money and decreasing your carbon footprint. Expect beautiful, durable and highly efficient Naperville windows like these to make a rise in the upcoming year.

2. Creative Window Frames

Homeowners are increasingly more interested in window frame options and colors beyond the typical white color. Anticipate creative wood frames, classy bronze or muted neutral colors on window framesin 2017.

3. Upgraded Glass

Stronger, better glass options are hot on the market – you can also expect to see a rise in insulated, fiberglass-reinforced window glass in the upcoming months. Stronger glass means a lower likelihood of your windows succumbing to damage. It also means a higher level of energy efficiency and longer durability than more traditional glass options. When looking to increase a home’s value, owners will want to opt for guaranteed good investments, so these better glass options will remain a steady feature on the trending window qualities of 2017.

In short, you can expect a higher level of aesthetic features, efficiency and durability in the trends of 2017. Check out your options for new windows in Downer’s Grove today and find a fit that will match the trends of the new year.

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