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Common Misconceptions About Replacement Windows

Posted 08 August 2017

Bolingbrook, IL Replacement Windows

With so much information readily available, it’s easy to see how some misconceptions on replacement windows can arise. Unfortunately, taking this false information as fact can affect the quality of the window you choose and can leave homeowners with quite the headache. Even worse, if you aren’t familiar with the window market, it can be difficult to separate the facts from fiction. To help with the buying process we’ve created a short guide to some common myths to be aware of while shopping for your replacement windows for your Bolingbrook home.

#1 The Better the Window the More it Will Cost
While it may seem natural that the highest-quality windows would be the most expensive, this isn’t always the case when it comes to buying replacement windows. Some replacement windows will have a higher price tag simply due to their aesthetic appeal or a recent design trend. However, there are a number of window models, like vinyl windows, that are affordable while still offering a number of benefits.

#2 If Vinyl Windows Have a Blue Tint, They are High Quality
This myth is partially based on fact. Many high-quality windows have a noticeable blue tint due to a chemical added to increase insulation. However, when manufacturers noticed the trend in homeowners looking for the added tint, some began adding a blue dye to lower quality windows to create the same effect. Moral of the story: Not all vinyl windows are created equal.

#3 It’s Difficult to Customize Your Windows
If you’re finding it difficult to find a specific window or color or style, just remember that most window materials can be customized. Depending on the material you can either customize your replacement windows by hand (by painting or staining them) or placing a custom order with the manufacturer.

#4 It Doesn’t Matter How Thick Your Glass Is
While this area commonly goes overlooked, it’s one of the biggest factors to determine the quality of a window. Windows with double or triple pane glass do a better job of insulating your home, blocking out exterior noises, and even reducing the likelihood of a break in occurring. We suggest going with materials like vinyl or fiberglass where double and triple pane windows come standard for the greatest benefits.

The best way to ensure you’ve got the right info is to speak with a Dilworth Windows and Doors Inc. window experts. Our team of experts have been helping homeowners find the perfect windows for decades and can provide the necessary info needed for your Bolingbrook, IL replacement windows project. Our team can even set you up with a free, no pressure, highly informative quote, so you know exactly what to expect from the start to finish. To speak with an expert or request your free quote today give us a call at (630)960-4300 or stop by our showroom located at 223 N Cass Ave Westmont, IL 60559 to view our quality window options. We look forward to assisting you with all of your window needs!

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